When a dream job means less money

I got a dream job offer, but I will earn less. Should I accept it?” What to do when a dream job means less money? Maybe you are also caught between the devil and the deep blue see.

So, you nailed the interview, you are extremely happy to receive the job offer you prayed for so long. You are excited that your big dream of working for this company will finally come true – until you see the salary. Not only it is not the number you asked for, but it’s less than what you currently earn. Yes, this can happen. Especially when you apply for a job at which you don’t have much experience. What to do when a dream job means less money?

Juggling values

Do you take the dream job with the pay cut or continue earning the same salary at a job you don’t really enjoy?  The tragic of the XXI century is that there are so many people who work just for money. Passion, curiosity, and the feeling of being on a mission are secondary. We all need to pay our bills and mortgages somehow.

What if a dream job comes with less money? With the day having 24-hours, 8 hours we spend sleeping, then the next 8 we shop, clean, cook, have free time and with the last 8 we work. Working life takes 1/3 of our daily routine. Sometimes even more when we commute to our workplace.

We take up a job because we need to feed ourselves, our families, pay the rent and lead life. But what kind of life it is when you have a job that you don’t enjoy or when you feel you’re not using all your talents and potential? Which values in your life do you stand for?

As the first step, ask yourself what your priority is when it comes to a job and your work life. Are you able to have a dream job for less money? Do you know how to cut on your spending? On the other hand, are you able to have a higher paying job which doesn’t bring you satisfaction? Life is about making choices.

Being clear about what you want is the most important step. Your values determine your life.

dream job

Should money then be a decisive factor when taking a job?

I know stories of people who quit their well-paid corporate jobs to build their business based on passion. There is always a thing to sacrifice. When you choose a better paid job, which is not your passion, you choose economical stability rather than personal happiness. When you go for a dream job for less money, you choose your well-being and high satisfaction. In the long run, it is the people who are passionate about what they do that succeed.

How well does your job/employer align with your values and interests? When you experience a sense of fit between your values and interests and the values and needs of your organization, you are more likely to find meaning and purpose in your work instead of getting the burnout.

Salary is important, but it’s not the only factor determining a good job. Every job consists of:

  • Salary
  • Working environment
  • Commute time
  • Atmosphere at work
  • Stress levels
  • Flexibility of working hours
  • Possibility to further develop

Only you decide which of these factors are most important to you. A dream job can mean less money in the beginning. Sure. Everybody needs to start somewhere. But money shouldn’t be the only decisive factor when taking a position. When a dream job means less money be sure to give it a chance. Money comes when you’re happy with what you do. The most successful people follow passion, not paychecks.

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