Couples counselling

Ongoing relationship distress is harmful to each romantic partner’s mental and physical wellbeing, and in addition, can negatively impact the kids. On couples counselling sessions I work first with you, then with your partner separately. This is essential to understand your problems from two different perspectives. After certain time, we meet the three of us (you, your partner and I as counsellor) on our sessions together. We work with various methods, depending on what kind of topic you come with.

Counselling sessions

On the sessions we focus on better communication when disagreements arise. We practise listening to what your partner has to say and giving them space to speak their mind. We work to find the best solution for your problems.

Homework tasks

I give you assignments to work on in between sessions. These can be tasks involving communicating more, to specific exercises such as using particular words and phrases (such as “I” instead of “you”) when managing conflicts. 

What are the key benefits of my couples counselling?

  1. You learn to listen to your partner and create space for his or her message.
  2. You learn to communicate in times of pain and disagreements.
  3. You learn to propose solutions to the problems without judging your partner.

Work with me on Skype or in person. My counselling office is located in Zurich at Forchstrasse 366 (near Balgrist Klinik).

Cost of a couple counselling session:  220 CHF
Time: 1 hour

I speak English, Polish, Russian and German.

To schedule a session please send me an e-mail at, fill in the form below or book a slot in my calendar on Homepage.

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