Art therapy for your child

Art Therapy is an effective way of working with children who may be going through a difficult time. Maybe your child is undergoing specific changes in his or her life, for example, divorce, trauma, bullying, arrival of a new sibling etc. What may be difficult to put into words, or even unknown in spoken language, can be expressed through the artwork and play.

Art therapy session

It helps to deal with negative situations in child’s life. Through education and communication, art therapy helps the child release and express feelings they may not know how to let go of otherwise.

The child learns to understand why he or she feels and behaves in a certain way.

Parental care and support

The child is 50% mother and 50% father. It is essential to understand and work on your own issues as parents to ensure safe attachment style of your child.

What are the key benefits of art therapy for your child?

  1. Increased communication ability – by providing a safe space for children to explore their feelings, art therapy allows them to open up about their emotions and communicate better with others.
  2. Improved concentration –art activities allow children to focus on one task at a time, which can help improve their attention span as well as encourage cognitive development.
  3. Better self-expression – providing an opportunity to express and observe their negative thoughts and feelings.

My counselling office is located in Zurich at Forchstrasse 366 (near Balgrist Klinik). I can also come to your home to work with your child (within Zurich).

Cost of a session: 120 CHF
Time: 1 hour

I speak English, Polish, Russian and German.

To schedule a session please send me an e-mail at, fill in the form below or simply book a slot in my calendar on Homepage.


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