About me


My name is Aleksandra Bzdzikot

My mission is to help people like you deal with emotional difficulties and challenging situations in life.

My therapeutical method is based on family constellations, psychogenealogy and art therapy.

Allow me to guide you to the path of self-trust and self-healing. Why me? Because I have also been there. In the dark moments of life. I have not only the knowledge but also the experience, which is more precious than any of the books ever written.


"“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” - Marcus Aurelius


  • Art Therapy, Institute for Higher Education and Professional Research (ISFAR) in Florence, Italy, 2018.
  • Family Constellations, Hellinger Schule in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, 2018-2023 – I have over 300 hours of practice in constellations at the Hellinger Schule.
  • Psychosomatics, Institut für Körperzentrierte  Psychotherapie, Zurich, Switzerland, 2020
  • Law, SWPS University in Warsaw, Poland, 2014-2020

More about me:

  1. my diplomas
  2. my first book about relationships  – “Snowdrops”, which was published in Poland (in original “Przebiśniegi”, WFW, Warsaw 2018)
  3. my free videos on health, relationships and family issues
  4. my articles on psychology and relationships
  5. an interview with me done by Vinay Deshpande, a successful coach from Basel
  6. check my artworks

My parents gave me the name after one of the heroines in the Polish historical movie (“Potop”), which was popular in Poland in 1980s. I didn’t know back then that the meaning of my name would become my mission in life. In Greek “Aleksandra” means “the protector or helper of mankind”.

My passion is psychology and cracking the codes of the human psyche. Why do we react in a certain way? What makes us  more prone to addiction? Why do we suffer in relationships? What influence does transgenerational trauma have on our life? Why some people get cancer despite their healthy lifestyle and some not?  I asked such questions to myself while going throught very challenging situations.

 I use my own Family Code therapeutical method to help my Clients set foot on a healing path and go through challenges feeling supported and understood.


How does my work look like?

Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful method to help you recognise that you are part of a family system. Family and our ancestors influence who we are and who we become.

Constellations help to tap into any unresolved childhood and ancestral emotional trauma or conditioning. These “codes” are stored in the cells of the body and we work on “de-coding” them.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy helps to release emotions locked in your body and mind.

It also integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve mental health and well-being.

What are the key benefits of my therapy?

  1. You strengthen your relationship to yourself and learn to transform difficult emotions.
  2. You break the codes and patterns, which you were stuck in.
  3. You create the seed of your own transformation and new ways of seeing yourself and the world.

Work with me on Skype or in person. My counselling office is located in Zurich at Forchstrasse 366 (near Balgrist Klinik).

Cost of an individual session: 130 CHF
Time: 1 hour

I speak English, Polish, Russian and German.

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