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„Aleksandra has a wonderful personality. I could open up and talk about my deepest fears. She is a professional with a holistic view on problems. I am glad I stumbled across her online”.
“Dear Aleksandra, your sessions and workshops helped me to realize certain family patterns that were living in my family. Now I have the tools from you how I can change this to avoid pain and suffering. Thank you so much!”
“I never knew that conditions such as ADHD or epilepsy can be mitigated thanks to therapy. I didn’t expect that there is a family background of such diseases. I was afraid of family constellations. I really was. But I found the courage to go to Aleksandra. I am forever thankful.”
“I discovered Aleksandra’s YouTube and found her video on codependency very helpful. I was in relationships with narcissists and Aleksandra helped me to see the dynamics in my family origin and my own fears. Thanks to therapy I am now building myself and learning how to love myself to never be caught up again with a narcissist”.

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My name is Aleksandra Bzdzikot.
My mission is to help people like you deal with emotional difficulties and challenging situations in life.


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